Do you want to enjoy of a stay into the Italian Lakes Region?
Well, wellcome!
Here you will easily find, with this new system based on geographical mapping, everything you need to make unforgettable your stay into Maggiore Lake, Como Lake, Iseo Lake and Garda Lake as accomodations, italian food and drinks, where to practice sports, discovering history, art, culture and nature.
And having fun, of course!

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How to use this interective geo-guide? It’s very easy!

In just few steps:

  1. select a category and/or a location or type keywords for a free search
  2. click ‘search’, the map will be refreshed with results
  3. then click the icons on the map to read more details. Note: if you use a mobile device you have to toggle on/off ‘activate map’ in order to scroll over it.

If you want to specifically discover what the area around your position offers:

  1. ensure that the localization option of your device is on
  2. select a specific radius around you by clicking on the setting icon (the cogwheel icon)
  3. click ‘search’

Do you need more assistance? Go to the help page.