One of the best resources to be used to plan a vacation into the Italian Lakes Region is the following service provided by Regione Lombardia:

Muoversi in Lombardia

It combines the timetables of bus lines, trains, undergrounds, boat lines, and even other like funiculars and cable cars.

By plane – For those coming from abroad, the nearest airports to the region of the Italian lakes are those of Milano Malpensa for Maggiore Lake and the west side of Como Lake, Milano Linate for Como Lake, Bergamo Orio Al Serio for the east branch of Como Lake and for the Iseo Lake, and Verona Villafranca for Garda Lake. See the respective map marker in the Services category containing the main information.

By car – If you decide to go by car, all the localities of the region of the lakes are accessible by car, although many points, some important from a naturalistic point of view , might present some parking problems during the high season of holidays. For those who decide to rent a car, companies that offer a rental service have their own marker on the map into the Services category, containing the main information.

By train or bus – All towns bordering the lakes are reached by a bus or by train , some areas are covered in an alternative way by the two mobility services. See the respective map marker in the Services category , containing the main information . Some trains allow you to bring a bike with you. For more information contact the customer service of the train company in order to check which are available with this specific service.

By bicycle – Exploring the Italian Lakes Region by bicycle is an eco-friendly choice and at the same time a way to live a more exciting journey . The conformation of the territory on the shores of the lakes permits it, although the presence of ups and downs , however, asks much effort to deal with some paths . Some places extremely interesting for the scenery and panoramic views are located on high ground , therefore it is necessary an athletic training and adequate technical means , or for non-athlets, an electric bike . In the region of the lakes is not yet available a structured system of bike paths , therefore , especially during the high season of holidays, it is essential to consider factors of road safety. Some facilities, such as hotels, guest houses, hostels , campsites are equipped to provide specific services to cyclists.

By boat – The boat is undoubtedly one of the ways , probably the most fascinating , to explore the lakes, also allowing you to bring along your own bike . For all who decide to move by car, they can find crossing points from one side to the other of the lake, by ferry. In addition to the public service, private services are also available. Companies That offer a private boat service are indicated by the specific marker on the map in the Services category.

In conclusion, indipendently of the manner in which you intend to visit the Italian Lakes Region, like arriving by plane and then by moving by car, by public transport , by bike, on foot, or in combination, you will always find a satisfying solution.

Enjoy it!