As you can see looking at the above demo, this portal is very easy and very intuitive to use, anyway here in the following some steps and tips. Discover our website, and enjoy your stay in the Italian Lakes Region!

Step 0 – LANGUAGE: you can choose your preferred language, the default is international English, that became the “lingua franca” of any traveler/tourist, anyway if you want to change it, you have to point and click over the corresponding flag, or you can select the language from the drop-down menu: the website will be translated dinamically.

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Suggestion: do not abilitate the automatic translation from your device, that it could propose to you while browsing, but use the translation system supplied by this website and explained above.

Step 1 – DISCOVERING: try to imagine you in some place into the region and looking for something interesting around you, because you will already in that specific place, or because you are planning to go to that place, click over it and make a zoom, you will discover a lot of opportunities in the around area to spend your time and feed your interests. Everything is easy to be identified thanks to the classification and the corresponding map markers. When you have identified a potential point of interest, click over its map marker in order to get the first look, than again with one more click on ‘view more’ button to go to the page with all information about it.

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Step 2 – ADVANCED SEARCH: using the centered bar below the map, you can do searches by keyword, for place, for category and also, if you click on the settings icon, you may enable the search based on your current position (note: in order to appropriately work, your PC, tablet or smartphone you are using should be enabled to provide your current geographical position through WiFi or GPS) then set the radius that you prefer in order to refine your search around your current position.

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Tip – TABLET/SMARTPHONE: we implemented the website so that whatever device you will use, the user interface does not change but it adapts to your device. Using a tablet or a smartphone the system recognizes the type of device and it makes the ‘Activate/Deactivate’ button visible, in the right/down corner of the map, in order to make it easier the touch-zooming the map or the scrolling the entire page where the map is nested.

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