This geo-portal was born from the desire to offer an innovative “orientation service” in order to help visitors to enjoy in one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Italy and the World: the Italian Lakes Region.

Why an orientation service as a Geo-Guide? Because we want to assist travelers to orient themselves effectively, helping them to choose what into this extraordinary Region is suitable to them. We want to drive visitors around the Region in discovering cultural and natural heritage, opportunities to do sports, occasions for leisure, entertainment and, not least, helping them for their accommodation and the tasting of the many delicacies that this land has to offer.

Doing it with just few clicks: today a great part of travelers has already a tablet or a smartphone with an integrated GPS, this service will enable to reach any chosen destination in an easy way.

We decided to release this service in international english as the main language: english language has already become the “lingua franca” of any traveler, anyway in any part of the website is always possible to immediately switch to a wide choice of other languages.

The innovation of our work is primarily on usability. We implement the latest technologies in order to put the visitor experience at the center, we want to provide all key informations quickly, at the first look, both using a personal computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Everything is based on the geographical mapping paradigm that allows the user to understand around his current position (or at the point that he plans to visit) what the region can offer.

The project is being developing by the partecipation in association of some partners coordinated by EKLETIX (P.IVA 05140940965)